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What are the delivery areas for home delivery?

All of Vienna and surrounding area.

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What boxes are there?

We have put together 4 boxes for you:

1 FRUIT BOX Filled with basic varieties such as apples, pears, bananas and seasonal items

2 VEGETABLE BOX Filled with, for example, lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, spring onions, avocados and more.

3 potato crates filled with e.g. potato, onion, cauliflower, garlic and the like.

4 MIX-CRATE filled with e.g. fruit and vegetables mixed (for small households)

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What does a box cost?

Fruit box - 14.90 euros incl

Vegetable crate - 14.90 euros incl

Potato crate - 8.90 euros incl

Mix (fruit and vegetables) box - 19.90 euros incl

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Where does the fruit and vegetables come from?

That varies. Partly from Austria when the season is. Otherwise from other European countries. Some things also from overseas (in winter).

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What does delivery cost?

Orders in VIENNA under € 14.90 will be charged with € 6 delivery charges.

Orders in VIENNA SURROUNDINGS under € 38 will be charged with € 12 delivery charges.

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Can I change the contents of the box?

For logistical reasons it is unfortunately not possible to change the contents of the boxes.

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Can I order fruit and vegetables?

Unfortunately, for logistical reasons, it is currently not possible to order small quantities such as 1 kg of lemons or 3 avocados.

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We are working on it, how long in advance do I have to order?

So that we can deliver fresh fruit and vegetables to you in good time, we need your order no later than 19:00 the day before.

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Can I order a subscription?

If you want regular delivery for a limited period of time, we ask you to place an order every week. This has the advantage that you can vary between the boxes. If you would like a weekly delivery of a constant selection of boxes, please write to pilzservice@lazov.eu

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Can I order for other people, such as my parents?

Yes. Please enter the delivery address and billing address.

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Can I choose a delivery day?

Yes. Possible delivery times will be displayed for you to choose from.

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Pick up boxes?

No. The wholesale market is for traders and our company is not designed for collection.

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How do I pay?

With delivery cash or with card.

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Can't I just order by email or phone?

Due to the limited resources in the office, we cannot accept orders personally. Please enter your order in the online shop. It is very quick.